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Happy Easter...

soo, today was Easter. Started this holiday with a road trip! Horray, love em... not as much w/ the po's (my slang for parents)driving tho, nonetheless, an exciting and relaxing drive... Got home from my camping weekend w/ Sarah and did the normal Easter family tradition thingee. Met everyone over the G-Mac's, ate, talked, and then sat around lol. But this year my aunt Denise went on this reminiscing kick and her and i raided the antique shop which is my grand parents basement. We dug out some OLD photo albums but decided to stick with the ones she had made from 5th grade till after graduation... 70s pictures. I saw a few too many wet-tee-shirt-contest-entering-aunts for one lifetime, but other then those it was very interesting. Aunt Denise looked so content flipping through the album pages, she kept pointing out her old friends and syncronizing with the story behind the picture... it made me think when she began the "whos dead" list. I was in awe, all these ppl reminded me of one of my friends and here she is easily saying "dead". It was a moment where i realized everyone should really cherish times they have with thier friends, and it hit me that over this weekend w/ Sarah I told her to "save her film, we wont be doing anything picture worthy"... i was so wrong. Every moment with the ppl we love is worth saving, capturing it in some tangable way because as humans, it is so easy to forget... Even for those who have loved and lost, dont rush to burn all the objects of affection your waterd down flame once gave you, cherish all of the memories in your life and have no regrets. You may not miss somebody who was once important to you, but why not hold on to the happy things, and try not to focus on whats happening for once, but what led to where youve got, these pictures from Aunt Denises past halped her revisit her childhood and for the first time in the past 4 years I saw her completely and utterly happy.

I know Im going to become a preservation freak now because I hope someday I can feel that type of serenity.
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