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I wanna wake up in the city that never sleeps....

That’s correct my amigos, I spent my spring break in Good Ol’ NYC. Oh the fun it was. I enjoyed every waking minute, even the 14-hour bus ride. I sat next to Sarah the whole way, J-Boz Kreyger a seat ahead of us and Marg-o right behind. Travel time felt thoroughly like a bonding experience with 3 of my closest pals. When we arrived in New Joisy (insert Brooklyn accent) it was roughly 10pm, so my roommate Matt Morey and I went up to are 4th story room in the Sheraton Hotel. We were very lucky because we had one of the only rooms on the buildings right side meaning our view was that of a New York City skyline highlighted by the illuminated Empire State Building.

The following day was amazing, and I was able to experience the city in its entirety. Walking from 43rd and Broadway to 54th was quite a hike but well worth it. Along with Carolyn Browviak, Jessica Kreyger and Beth Caleca we went to see Studio 54, the pop culture hotspot of the early 70s. We finally got to our destination but it was renovated into a Broadway show hall, which we were invited to see backstage thanks to Carolyn’s desperateness to see inside. Next, we ran into David Duchovney of “X-Files” fame on the street and later cabbed to a NY vegan restaurant.

Rent was by far one of the most moving plays I have ever seen. It was my first real taste of Broadway spectacle and I haven fallen head over heals. For so long I have been torn between choosing a career in theatre or politics because I have such interests in drama and SA. This trip though made me realize that although leadership makes me happy, the stage makes me come alive. I plan to never have a regret in life. I know that even if I am not accepted into Columbia University (my dream college since 3rd grade) or NYU, which is my 2nd choice, I will still find myself back in New York. It is the city I belong in, and as my old friend Frank once said “If I can make it there, ill make it anywhere…”

My dream is to make a legacy on Broadway and I am ready to do whatever it takes to get there. Thanks for helping my voice Jess. Thanks for the offers Stew… Sarah…
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