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The Assistant

Today I hired an assistant. She handles all of my corrospondence, makes my phone calls, sets out my clothes,takes care of simple household things (getting soda's, unplugging the tea kettle), checking prices in stores while also picking out items and providing suggestions, etc... basically all of the things any good assistant should do.

Her resume is grand. With experiance as a treasurer and a president I can be assured that all monetary matters will stay in check and her leadership proves her trust and patience.

My new Assistant is my friend Maggie O'Rielly... but from now on we've established that it works if I solely refer to her as "assistant"... sometimes followed by her name.

She also deals with the rifraf. The contract clearifies that she is not only an assistant but personal stylist and moderate body gaurd... So all you hoodlums better watch out.

I heart my Assistant.

Oh, and if you call my cell phone, dont be alarmed if she answers... its what she's paid for.

HAHA! Maggie... what to say? only us? love ya pal!

Kristen: 3 weeks and goin strong Thimbles :) i miss you.
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