Shane (shaneslife) wrote,

Are you Original? Yep in deedily doo!

Originality... I dont think we're "all the same"... not even deep down. I mean look at me, a lot of ppl would look at my clothes and the way i do my hair and assume Im just like every other prep. Any other "SA snob" but I can assure that Im not at all. I mean sure, many ppl possess or aquire the same qualities as another person but in retrospect have tons of differing attributes. We all feel emotion, but we dont all handle it the same...Nobody is unoriginal...

Physicality does not determine originality. Its the way we present ourselves and feel inside that proves us original. Anyone can have an odd colored hair, a homemade shirt, or even a vintage 1920s shoelace imported from Honduras... but that all has nothing to do with who they are inside. thank you very much.

Anyway... nevermind.

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