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Goodness Gracious

I decided to update so ppl have something to remember me by this weekend while im in P/A. So in response to Sarahs random changes I decided I too need a revibe. Not only did I hack off my hair, I dyed it lighter and shaved off the soul patch lol.

Change, I dont understand why it causes such an impact. Whether its something like buying new shoes, moving to a new city or even the state of the world it seems that any change, good or bad creates a major effect on the way people live.

Some people regard change as bad, mostly conformists (otherwise known as old folks)... or those like myself who become accoustomed to a certain way. After a sudden (and unprovoked) much needed wake up call from Sarah I realized I had beacame... gulp... boring. Not only boring, but predictable. Im sure anyone could guess the color I would wear to school the next day, considering I competually purchased brown.

The two of us each came to terms that not only was I forseeable but she was too. From that day on, Sarah and I have been constantly rearranging, re-doing, and readjustiong ourselves and our lives. Since then I sometimes begin to feel like I dont even know who I am, but who I feel Im becoming, I like. I think change brings out more of who we are... It is not good or bad, but simply unpredictable. To anyone who reads this, I suggest trying a new number at Taco Bell or wearing the shirt you seriously beleive makes you look fat.. .it doesnt. Change is Liberating, give it a try and realize that there is far more to who we are. Unless we search for what that is, it will never be found...

Happy Hunting!
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