Shane (shaneslife) wrote,

I think Im having a break-down... no, I am... okay, theyre not so easy when your alone...

Ive been going crazy lately. I have so much to do and school hasnt even started. Ive been there about everyday this week and I spent Mon-Tues-Wed babysitting, I just wanted to do something fun today... and this is the shit i get:

I get home from a 3pm meeting at school about a Patriots Day memorial Im in charge of, and I wanted to go to the EDHS/RHS Football game. So, I call my friend to see how thier getting there and they tell me they have no room but if they find a different ride they'll call me. So I go over to visit and Im told thier cousin probably doesnt want me there... so I leave, even after thier cousin asks me to stay for dinner. My friend says if I start walking, they'll call when they find a ride. I wander aimlessly down to 11 mile road, and decide to call that friend and ask for directions. They tell me thier at the same spot, and are getting a ride. So Im begining to feel backstabbed, but hold it in and decide "well Ill be there soon enough". Next thing I know Im at fuckin Masonic Road at 9:30... I was ready to jump in front of a bus and end it all right there.

In conclusion, Im upset at why my friend didnt just call back like they said.

And dont comment, cause I dont want anyone to know what/who Im referring to. I am writing in this because I need to vent.
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