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Wow... Can you believe that I'm updating?!

Hello LJ, the Shanemiester is back and better than ever! LOL.

So, did ya miss me? I cant believe I havent updated since October, I guess I forgot I had an LJ. Awwell.

Looking back at all of my old entries really got me thinking. Its amazing how much changes over a few months. A lot has happened since that last entry, and not all for the better but its the struggles in life from which we learn and grow. Im really tired right now, I just wanted to update and let ppl know I AM still alive...a lot alive for that matter. So, as of tonight, I fully plan to start keeping this thing updated for as long as ppl want to read my rambling. Night Friends!


P.S. SummerQuesters, I hope you got a brochure, we're in it!
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