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Long usual. I luckily did'nt have rehersal for either Two by Two or Caught in the Net. But this "free time" was quickly filled in with SA obligations. I made a kick ass Mr.Hot Tux commercial so all of you better thank me for taking some class time out of your third hour... it took some of my free time... till 5:00 to be exact. After that I went home, ate, and then off to English Garderns where I was called in for an interview... like I really need to add "job" to my schedule, but aw well, I need money and according to my parents, hooking is out of the question. Sorry, Ladies.

So as I was rushing through my day, I noticed a mentally handicapped kid wandering around a dark parking lot. I didnt know if I should pull over, ask him if he's lost and even okay for that matter or if it's just some normal occurance by those of the... hadicapped... community. I decided that the boy's parents HAD to have known, and kept driving. As I sped off in my car, I thought of something that happened to a close friend of mine a few days ago. In broad daylight, while roaming Eastbrooke Commons, a car starts following her. A man then steps out of his vehicle, approaches her, flirts obnoxiously and then grabs her waist! She threw her starbucks hot chocolate with whip creme on the ground and went wee wee wee all the way home. Maybe she didnt exactly go "wee wee wee," but something to the degree of a fearful sound... maybe she panted? Anyway, with the sighting of my parking lot pal earlier this evening, and the Eastbrooke Commons creep a few days ago, I realized that while something bad could have definatly happened in each case... nothing did in either. My friend who was followed was already nervous to begin with to be walking around by herself, the special boy was completely content in a dark alley at night.

It occured to me that the only difference between the two people, besides about a 3point IQ difference... and some poopy pants... is that my friend knew of the dangers, the hanicapped boy did not. While she knew to be suspicious and alert, he only knew that he was outside, it was snowy and fun. Our American cinema, television, school... so many things in our everyday life warn us to be afraid of the world.

Too many people are.

I realized today that I need to lighten up, and not be afraid to live... Ignore the headlines, nothing is as bad as it may seem. Get out there and live. Ignorance, my friends... is bliss.

I really have to pee.
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