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It must be done...

As much as I dread writing in my LJ, ive decided that my summerquest experiance has to be wrote about. First off, it was amazing. Not only did I learn so many new things about theatre, dance and music, I also made a ton of new pals. We shared so many laughs, giggles, and of course shits.

While I was there we established many inside jokes, so if you werent there, this section is completely pointless to read. Anywho, here it goes:


-Andy teaching us all of his crazy dance moves:the cry baby, manual windows, automatic windows, ANGRY INDIAN, and then the pansh dansh,the Tomas, and the Stop Drop n Roll

-window communication and "playing catch" with Kristen

-playing a few games of "Pass the Kristen" and "Pass the Gracie". Sometimes at the same time.

-Watching Dirty Dancing for the first time

-Having moments reminiscent of that movie

-Shazam!....It's the Robber Bridegroom!


-Pimps n Hoes

-Kristles gas

-Dom Da Dom Dom Dom

-Phil, be our mother!

-The yellow Urine Team (I still vote that as our name)


-I love the Shower

-Use your Asian

-Late night stomping

-The Battery game

-bad pick up lines

-The big Hyperventalation of 04'

-HashBubbles, Hashbrowns

-maybs, maybs not... ew lol

-the loon

-late night Poker games

-Tessa: "Yeah, its called Eastern Eateries..."
Shane: "But its Italian... pizza. Thats not middle-eastern."

-Sarah talking to John on her phone: "OH MY GOD JOHN, WHERE IS MY PHONE?!?!"

Power to the Blondes...

When I think of more, Ill be sure to update. HA.

Later Taters.
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