Shane (shaneslife) wrote,

Been a while...

Well I finally decided to update just cuz today was hard. Got outta school early, bought a sweet car... red pontiac Grand Am SE which is good for me since its gas efficient... and then drove all around, guess its called a joy ride. I stopped over at Sam heads, Jme's and Maggies. Anyway, main reason for this update is:

about 20 minutes ago Jme came over cuz he might take this baby pitbull that my brother has. I dont think Jme wants it tho so if anyone wants this puppy which i might add is sweet as hell, then hit me up on it. If nobody adopts it or w/e then my mom says we have to bring it to the Humane Society... Call me on it, trust me, you want this dog. Theres nothing wrong w/ it at all Jme just couldnt take it cuz a puppys a lot of work... later taters. Pz

Sarah is a bouncy ball and a mouthpiece...
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